The "7 Train"

The New York City number 7 subway line has long been dubbed “The International Express” due to the myriad nationalities that have formed hybrid communities along train’s route. Like the great civilizations that lined the major rivers of the world, the #7 is one of New York’s important arteries and has been an inspiration for numerous creative ideas on the levels of both economic and cultural exchange. To commute along this "international express" is a reflection, or draws a parallel, to the larger global commute which predicates most migration patterns today. No longer do migrants leave their homes forever. Nowadays most migrants, legal or otherwise, go back and forth between their two homes, hold dual passports and continually feed their enclaves with fresh blood, ideas and new developments from their homelands. It is this concept that inspired the creation of the Digital Histories site: each consecutive stop, each city block, each apartment and each life a world onto itself.

Digital Storytelling

In 2007 the Queens Museum of Art’s New New Yorkers Program started incorporating Digital Storytelling into their programs with the help of the Story Center in Berkeley, CA. By 2008 Digital Story telling formed an integral part of New New Yorkers programming, where students use the class as a way to familiarize themselves with digital video and to learn to design narrative content. We have offered the class in Spanish, Mandarin and in English, and it has been quickly embraced by our immigrant community because of its accessibility and its potential for self-expression.
As we continue to expand our programs and integrate them further with the Queens Libraries we will keep adding new videos into the different “neighborhoods,” so please visit often and check the new additions.

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