The Queens Museum of Art

The Queens Museum of Art is dedicated to presenting the highest quality visual arts and educational programming for people in the New York metropolitan area, and particularly for the residents of Queens, a uniquely diverse ethnic, cultural and international community.
The Museum fulfills its mission by designing and providing art exhibitions and educational experiences that promote the appreciation and enjoyment of art, support the creative efforts of artists, and enhance the quality of life through interpreting, collecting, and exhibiting art, architecture, and design.
The Queens Museum of Art presents artistic and educational programs and exhibitions that directly relate to the contemporary urban life of its constituents while maintaining the highest standards of professional, intellectual, and ethical responsibility.

The New New Yorkers Programs

In a partnership with the Queens Library, the New New Yorkers Program designs and implements educational classes to meet the needs of immigrant adult communities in Queens. Broadening horizons and teaching valuable life skills through the arts, we offer the opportunity to interact with artists and their innovative work. Our courses are taught, cost-free, in a variety of languages and emphasize the arts, technology and English language acquisition. Some subjects covered are: painting, book making, crafts, photography, video editing, performance, graphic design, web design, computer literacy, arts literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

For more information please contact Jose E. Rodriguez at (718) 592-9700 x135, or, or Aichen Lin x135

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